UNITEAM is an offer offered to clubs. This is a training leotard for the club.
Colorful, comfortable and personalized with the club name or logo, UNITEAM keeps your team united even during training.
At no cost to the club, UNITEAM is the essential outfit for top training!


We support you to creating your UNITEAM. Your club contacts us and chooses a model from a wide selection, we offer you club customization.
No order management for the club, orders are taken directly by the gymnasts and their families on our website, on a page dedicated to your club. Each gymnast can then choose the color of her leotard and can put her name or nickname on the back if she wishes.
The minimum quantity to benefit from the UNITEAM offer is 10 pieces.
Delivery is made to the club on a date agreed upon together.
In addition to offering gymnasts a personalized leotard at an attractive price (from €39.90*), each of our leotards is carefully designed and manufactured in France in our workshops.


Non-exhaustive list of models offered. Our models can be modified, adapted and simplified by adding logos.
Leotards compatible with the UNITEAM offer must be sleeveless models, in matte colors, with or without rhinestones.

Don't wait any time !
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*the price may vary depending on the model chosen.