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50 x 250ml bottle of liquid chalk.

Cream to be applied on the hands.

Good points :
- Not volatile. Much less magnesia on gymnasium floors during use.
- Adheres firmly to the hands.
- Can be considered as a disinfectant due to its low alcohol content. Alcohol evaporates in seconds when applied to the hands.
- Individualization. In the context of the outbreak, magnesia may not be shared between different users.

Container dimensions: 13cm x 5.5cm

Packaging: 1 rigid black plastic bottle of 250ml

Storage: In a dry place at room temperature.

* possibility of allergy due to the presence of colophonium (tree resin)




Livraison dans les temps. Produit en bonne condition comme indiqué.

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Carton of Liquid Chalk GYMWAY 50 x 250ml

Carton of Liquid Chalk GYMWAY 50 x 250ml